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Why can't catch on the microphone WangTou used?

Release time: 2020-10-28    Author:admin

Many performers, in the use of hands grabbed the microphone WangTou manner, is severely damaged the microphone sound quality and the directivity of the most bad posture, using the microphone with this attitude, even if chooses the most expensive microphone, also can make original factory with excellent properties, thereby losing tone! Hold WangTou with the palm of your hand is equal to the result of the isolated from surrounding the cartridge chamber acoustics loop or change the resonance frequency of the air chamber, leads to the front of the microphone frequency response and pointing to the characteristic of separating degree of degradation, and caused by palms together sound should be a one paragraph is enhanced by the resonance frequency feedback.

Although wireless microphone because there is no online bound to trip, use convenient and safe, but users often take the microphone position not diligently study, any scratch on the microphone WangTou, the use of such position, is bound to lose the microphone original superior properties. A singer's original recordings to use the microphone to a wonderful song, you must first learn take the correct posture microphone. Take the microphone posture is very simple, as long as an important principle to remember that no matter what you take, is not on the microphone WangTou; The correct use of gestures, should hold on the microphone tube.

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