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Cable maintenance know about the microphone?

Release time: 2020-10-28    Author:admin

Wired microphone is a very important part of multimedia classrooms, although it is simple to use and the price is relatively cheap, but its important role. The microphone is one of the most frequently used in multimedia equipment equipment, if use undeserved, can greatly reduce its life, affect the normal use of the multimedia classroom. The maintenance should pay attention to the following common sense:
1, correct installation and remove the cables and the microphone. Inserted the XLR plugs (commonly known as you head) microphone, rotating plug to make the button above key aim with the notches on the microphone, and then push the plug into the microphone, button until the key location; Separated the microphone and cable, can hold the plug, and hold retainer key, and then pull the plug from the microphone. Do not without alignment or press down button under the condition of forced to access and separate operation.
2, microphone in use "whistlers", may be due to hand over the microphone to the head or the microphone is too close to the microphone, the correct solution is: first, to reduce the volume, away from the microphone, avoid the microphone and speakers relatively, then adjust to the appropriate volume.
3, the microphone is a kind of high sensitive audio equipment, must pay attention to light put light, and dropped from a height. The impact may cause the microphone sensitivity to reduce or even damage.

4, do not force the microphone blowing or hand slapping their head to audition, what would be the right way to audition on the microphone in a normal tone.
5, on the microphone switch key push-pull should pay attention to moderate strength, push and pull in place. If found in the use of a great deal of noise, may be due to the open key to push and pull in place or not caused by bad contact, the right thing to do is push pull off again. If the contact is not good, should be early maintenance.
6, meeting with a microphone or wireless microphone long-term need not, should remove the battery, to use the installation again. If there is a voice in the process of using intermittent, may be caused by lack of battery power, to replace the new battery in time.
7, need not when, the microphone stored in a dry clean place, avoid storage and use in high temperature and humidity of places, so as not to affect the sensitivity of the microphone and sound.

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