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USB mini folding desk lamp fan

USB mini folding desk lamp fan

Model:fx003     Series:The Fan Type

1, small volume, foldable, convenient to carry
2, detachable telephone, rechargeable, not afraid of blackouts
3, low noise, low power consumption, quiet and comfortable
4, desk lamp, phone support, hanging use
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Power supply: USB
Noise: below 36 db
Rated voltage: 1
Rated power: 1
Rated frequency: 1
Suitable area: 10
Supply mode: turn to page
Wind speed gear: 3
Mode of operation: mechanical
Speed gear: three gears
Shake head way: shake your head up and down
Fall stop
Fan: whether to turn page are
Gross weight: 580
Color: white, pink, purple, green, blue
Whether the built-in battery: it is
Built-in battery capacity: 2600
Additional features: a night light
Charging/battery life: 3

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